Magnetic Multimedia is a full-service Graphic Design Company dedicated to creating unique,

interactive and aesthetically appealing designs to help businesses achieve their successes

and business goals through our intelligent branding and promotional services.


Utilizing our magical skills of Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator and Photoshop) we help your customers understand the full potential of your brand through the various aspects of graphic designs from Package Design and Advertisement to Business Essentials and Promotional. Each piece of our graphic art

speaks about your business, products and services loudly and attracts customers like a MAGNET.

Let us enhance your products and increase the sales figure with our Packaging Design.


Magnetic Multimedia creates visually appealing designs to build an emotional relationship between

your products and targeted Customers, reflecting your USPs and conveying your business messages

clearly and loudly. Our simple yet engaging graphic design works easily attracts the attention of the

viewers and make them feel an interest in your business, creating a silent stasis in their minds.


Attractive packaging grabs viewers’ attention and increases your sales. It creates a desire in the mind of

a viewer to consume the inside product that subsequently makes your product pop. We are committed to offering state-of-the-art package design solutions to stand you out from the crowd of your competitors.

* Stand-Up Pouches


* Box Pouches


* OPP/CPP Bags


* PPE Bags


* Zipped Bags

* Vacuum Bags


* Shrink Neck Bands


* Shrink Sleeves


* Film Rolls


* Stick-on Labels


We are dedicated to empowering businesses, bringing their strategies to life through our effective business essentials. Crate significant brand identity and boost your brand image through our business collateral. Keep your brand consistent and loyal to your customers with a wide variety of our advanced design solutions.

* Business Cards


* Letterheads


* Envelopes


* Dairy


* CD

* Post Cards


* Brochures


* Catalogs


* Banners


* Signs


We believe that advertising is the strongest among the five aspects of the promotional mix (advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, and publicity/public relations). To reap a rich harvest of it, we create innovative and effective advertisements with a perfect blend of appealing visuals and powerful words.



* T-Shirt


* Hat


* Cup




* Calender



We love to play with dimension and space to ensure a long-lasting effect. Using creative visuals and engaging texts, they will create impressive logos on various items to promote your brand significantly.





Our vision is to create a visual wonder across the globe, ensuring a value for business, industry and society.

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